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the posters here are more than happy to upload music and share it with you, but its not just myself that has noticed that there are not always a lot of comments and yet there are a large number of downloads going on. some of these are not just albums we found downloading and uploaded for you. sometims we have bought the album via itunes or CD and have ripped it. so please, when taking? comment with at least a "thank you". it helps us feel appreciated and understand the types of music you are liking that we post.

i don't want posters to take down anything and or feel like their time taken to upload/set up a post is in vain and unappreciated. i hope you take this in to consideration.

don't get me wrong, i am not saying you have to do it nor am i trying to bully anyone into feeling like they have to comment. cause you don't HAVE to do anything. but to keep this community flourishing and happy, both in members and posters, comments are appreciated.

thank you,
ana / maylene
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