columbus (justify) wrote in flamesfell,

new mods!

we now have a new set of 4 mods/posters here @ flamesfell, please give them a nice and warm welcome! we're still looking for another 1 or 2, so feel free to put in an application here - they're still open. but, anyways the new mods are following users:


the posting format is open to however you want to style it - just make it unique to you, try not to use other posters' formats. also you don't have to burn/rip your own CDs, credit where you got it only if you happen to remember. lastly, please check the tags to be certain you're not reposting - if you want to repost, go to the re-uploads post and give me a link to your re-uploaded content and i'll add it to the list.

and don't worry on tags that haven't been created, i'm pretty fast at adding those, so add the tags you can and i'll do the rest.
Tags: %mod
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