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new mods!

we now have a new set of 4 mods/posters here @ flamesfell, please give them a nice and warm welcome! we're still looking for another 1 or 2, so feel free to put in an application here - they're still open. but, anyways the new mods are following users:


the posting format is open to however you want to style it - just make it unique to you, try not to use other posters' formats. also you don't have to burn/rip your own CDs, credit where you got it only if you happen to remember. lastly, please check the tags to be certain you're not reposting - if you want to repost, go to the re-uploads post and give me a link to your re-uploaded content and i'll add it to the list.

and don't worry on tags that haven't been created, i'm pretty fast at adding those, so add the tags you can and i'll do the rest.
ladies feelin' naughty.
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what is this? more mod slots?! :O

yes, you read that right! flamesfell is looking for some fresh faces again! things have slowed just a touch, but thats no biggie, we just would like a few new mods to open up our musical repertoire some more. the more the merrier, right? the more diverse, the better! the "application" remains the same as it always has been! we are looking for 5-6 new faces. comments are screened for privacy.
name:, music taste or top 10 bands/artists of the moment for you:
posting availability:

feel free to pass the app onto your friend. moderator/maintainer jobs don't require anything other than a decent availability, and at least 1-2 or posts in a single month. we are an exceptionally musically versatile music community, do not feel required to have specific tastes.

[ angie ] ➲ kenotia | you've dug your grave, now lie in it

Kenotia was a rock band formed in Marietta, Georgia, in December 2005. The band went through a few line-up changes with Carly Krantz (vocals) and Ryan Stockmal (guitar) being the only constant members. You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie In it (released October 30th, 2007) was their first and only album as the band decided to disband in December of 2009.

GENRE: Alternative Rock, Pop-Punk
SIMILAR TO: VersaEmerge, New Years Day, Automatic Loveletter
OFFICIAL: myspace, wiki,

01. Lonewolf McQuade
02. You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie In It
03. Decorating For Cinco De Mayo [MV]
04. Until This Day
05. They Almost Got Me!
06. 86 Seconds Later...
07. Snowman, What's Your 20?
08. The Sun's Up, But You're Down
09. The Day Dixie Crumbled


[ angie ] ➲ b.o.b | b.o.b presents: the adventures of bobby ray

B.o.B (born November 15, 1988) aka Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. or simply Bobby Ray is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He is currently signed under the labels Grand Hustle and Atlantic Records. B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray is his debut solo album and was released on April 27, 2010.

GENRE: Alternative Hip-Hop, Pop
SIMILAR TO: Kid Cudi, Wale, Drake, Lupe Fiasco
LINKS: official, wiki,

01. Don't Let Me Fall
02. Nothin' On You (Feat. Bruno Mars) [MV]
03. Past My Shades (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
04. Airplanes (Feat. Hayley Williams) [MV]
05. Bet I (Feat. T.I. & Playboy Tre) [MV]
06. Ghost In The Machine
07. The Kids (Feat. Janelle Monáe)
08. Magic (Feat. Rivers Cuomo)
09. Fame
10. Lovelier Than You
11. 5th Dimension (Feat. Ricco Barrino)
12. Airplanes, Part II (Feat. Eminem & Hayley Williams)
13. Letters From Vietnam *Bonus Track
14. I See Ya *Bonus Track

ladies feelin' naughty.


the posters here are more than happy to upload music and share it with you, but its not just myself that has noticed that there are not always a lot of comments and yet there are a large number of downloads going on. some of these are not just albums we found downloading and uploaded for you. sometims we have bought the album via itunes or CD and have ripped it. so please, when taking? comment with at least a "thank you". it helps us feel appreciated and understand the types of music you are liking that we post.

i don't want posters to take down anything and or feel like their time taken to upload/set up a post is in vain and unappreciated. i hope you take this in to consideration.

don't get me wrong, i am not saying you have to do it nor am i trying to bully anyone into feeling like they have to comment. cause you don't HAVE to do anything. but to keep this community flourishing and happy, both in members and posters, comments are appreciated.

thank you,
ana / maylene

[ angie ] ➲ justin nozuka | DISCOGRAPHY

JUSTIN NOZUKA (born September 29, 1988) is a Canadian-American singer/songwriter. He has released two albums to date. His first album HOLLY was released in 2007, his second entitled YOU I WIND LAND AND SEA was released early 2010. His music blends elements of neo-soul, folk, old-time blues and pop.

GENRE: Folk, Acoustic Rock, Soul
SIMILAR TO: Jason Mraz, James Morrison, Marc Broussard
LINKS: official, wiki,
HOLLY (2007)
01. Down In A Cold Dirty Well
02. Golden Train [MV]
03. Be Back Soon
04. Mr. Therapy Man
05. Supposed To Grow Old
06. After Tonight [MV]
07. Criminal [MV]
08. I'm In Peace
09. Oh Momma
10. Save Him
11. If I Gave You My Life
12. Don't Listen To A Word You've Heard

01. Gray
02. Love
03. Carried You
04. Heartless
05. My Heart Is Yours [MV]
06. Soulless Man
07. Unwoken Dream (King With Everything)
08. Woman Put Your Weapon Down
09. You I Wind Land And Sea
10. Swan In The Water
11. Hollow Men
12. How Low

(dylan) Róisín Murphy - Overpowered (Includes Bonuses)

 Róisín Murphy is a singer from Ireland who is most famous for being in the dance group Moloko. Róisín started her solo career in 2004 with Ruby Blue and now has become the influential dance Icon. Her second album 'Overpowered' contains a more dance-vibe that her first album 'Ruby Blue'

Róisín Murphy / Overpowered
Genre: Dance, Electronica, Pop
Language: English
Similar To: Moloko, Goldfrapp, Annie, Yelle
Links: Official Website

1. Overpowered
2. You Know Me Better
3. Checkin' On Me
4. Let Me Know
5. Movie Star
6. Primitive
7. Footprints
8. Dear Miami
9. Cry Baby
10. Tell Everybody
11. Scarlet Ribbons
12. Body Language
13. Parallel Lives
14. Pandora.
15. Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix)
16. Let Me Know (Joey Negro Original Vibe Remix)


(dylan) Bertie Blackman - Secrets & Lies1

 Bertie Blackman is an Australia Indie-Dance artist. Bertie rose to fame with her 2nd album Secrets & Lies. Bertie's music was oringally folk-related and now with her new band, sport an electro inspired sound.

Bertie Blackman // Secrets and Lies
Genre: Indie, Electronica, Pop, Acoustic
Language: English
Similar To: Goldfrapp, Italian Meg, Yelle, Annie
Links: Official Website,

1. Sky Is Falling
2. Thump
3. Black Cats (<3)
4. Heart
5. White Owls
6. Byrds Of Prey (<3)
7. Come to Bed
8. Clocks (<3)
9. Shout Out
10. Lust And Found 
11. Town Of Sorrow
12. Baby Teeth (<3)
13. Valentine

Download @MF

(dylan) Meg // Pyschodelice

Not to be confused with Japanese MEG

Meg is an Itailan dance-pop singer. Meg is well known for her unusual dances, strange costumes and intense lyrics. Pyschodelice was praised as a very well-produced album. All of her music is self-produced and all her lyrics are done by her and her brother. Meg says Pyschodelice was a mix of Annie and Madonna. Pyschodelice was released on 15 April 2008 and sold roughly 9,000 copies.

Meg // Pyschodelice (2008)
Language: English / Italian
Type: Album
Genre: Dance, Pop, Electronica, Female Vocalist
Similar To: Annie, Yelle
Links: Official Website, Official Myspace
1. Distante
2. E' Troppo Facile
3. Succhio Luce
4. Napoli Citta Aperta
5. Pandora
6. Impossibile Trasmissione
7. Laptop Love
8. Promises
9. Running Fast
10. Permesso?
320kbps // 81.96MB