columbus (justify) wrote in flamesfell,

what is this? more mod slots?! :O

yes, you read that right! flamesfell is looking for some fresh faces again! things have slowed just a touch, but thats no biggie, we just would like a few new mods to open up our musical repertoire some more. the more the merrier, right? the more diverse, the better! the "application" remains the same as it always has been! we are looking for 5-6 new faces. comments are screened for privacy.
name:, music taste or top 10 bands/artists of the moment for you:
posting availability:

feel free to pass the app onto your friend. moderator/maintainer jobs don't require anything other than a decent availability, and at least 1-2 or posts in a single month. we are an exceptionally musically versatile music community, do not feel required to have specific tastes.
Tags: %mod
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